Evangelism and Spiritual Gifting Survey


My name is Ed Paul and I was a student at Regent University School of Divinity. I conducted my internship at Light of Life Christian Center. As part of the internship I studied evangelism. Most teaching on evangelism is done from an extrovert or exhorter perspective. Studies have shown that most churches have about 2-8% active and regular participation in evangelism. I believe that the church can multiply participation by diversifying its teaching on evangelism to include teaching according to gifting type.

How this survey was designed

The intent of this survey is to see how gifting or personality may affect the way a person accepts and/or easily communicates the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that every Christian is designed by God with a specific SHAPE (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences) for a specific purpose in the church and the world. The final report will not include any personally identifiable information.

Survey Instructions

This survey should take less than a few minutes. Please fill out all 12 questions. If two gifts ended up with the same score on an assessment, please select both as primary. Hold down the CTRL key to select the second gifting. The below gift listing is based on the gifts listed in Romans 12. If you have not taken a spiritual gift assessment, you can Download A Gift Assessment. A more comprehensive gift analysis can be purchased through a trained leadership coach member or partner of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching or the book, "Discover Your God Given Gifts" by Don and Katie Fortune.

How this Survey will help you

After you submit the survey, I will email you with what I have discovered so far on your gifting types and how you can easily share the Gospel using your gifting.

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*9. What events precipitated your salvation experience (e.g. tragedy, conversation, reading, miracle, etc.)?
10. After your conversion, how did you communicate the gospel?
*11. What kind of evangelism training have you strongly liked or disliked and why?
*12. What are your thoughts on tract evangelism?
13. Additional Comments: