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This page is full of useful links to stuff on computing resources, software downloads, job hunt and more.
Latest Update — 2-19-2018

DOWNLOADS Computing Resources

Download.com (Favorite) Jumbo NONAGS
ID Software Apogee Software Download.net
Cnet Central ZDNet PC Gamer Magazine



IT Professionals:

Brain Buzz Smart computing VBscripts Information Week Magazine
Swynk Systems Internals MCP Magazine BHS – The Windows Server Resource Center
IT PRO Today ASP Toolbox Windows IT Pro Philly Tech Magazine

For hardware info
Crucial – good for RAM and hard drive upgrades
powerspec – cheap computers
Info World Magazine
Shields Up! Test your PC’s internet security
Excuse Generatorby Michael Pye
Send form contents via email without FrontPage on IIS webservers for FREE withAspEmail
find out what type of server a web site is using.


Look for a job in the Computer Industry: dice.com      or Computer Jobs
also take a look at net-temps
You can use indeed.com to search and email you alerts. (This is how I found my last two jobs)
If you have not already done so, you should setup a profile on linkedin.com
Career builder search for a new job
Not sure what type of job you want? Match your skills and interests to job descriptions at Career Experience or Princeton Review or Keirsey or job hunter
For tech jobs also check Information Systems Hunter
If you are a Christian looking to work for a Christian company check out christianjobs.com

General links:

If your looking for a local Internet Service Provider in NJ check out ETI LLC
Free web based email! Gmail or  Yahoo Mail or [email protected](5MB space,very crowded)
Virus Checkers/Cleaners by Symantec or by Trend Micro or by McAfee
Video Game site Happy Puppy
NetSonic Web Accelerator     A must have piece of software for Win95/98!
Free Web Based NNTP Reader at Deja News   or ETI (included Free in browser or surfer dialup accounts)
Free Online Computer Classes
TCNJ Orgs…..The Computer Science Department, Upsilon Pi Epsilon

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