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Last updated on February 23rd, 2020

Help pregnant women to choose life

Mark 12:31
The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”  One way to obey this is to help pregnant women choose life.

Fast facts on abortion in Virginia

First, Virginia abortion facts –  More than 56 million children have been killed in the womb in the United States of America since Roe v Wade was decided to deny the right to life.  This is more than the number of people who died due to World War II.

Abortion rescues

   Secondly, when a sidewalk advocate is outside an abortion clinic on average between 1 and 5 women out of 20 will take a packet.  If there is no advocate standing, none of these women will get life saving details to help them choose a better option than abortion.

Abortion losses

According to a report from 2013 in the Daily Press:

“Each year in Virginia, for approximately every four live births, there’s one induced termination of pregnancy, or abortion. In 2011, for example, there were 102,525 live births and 23,635 induced terminations, according to the state’s Division of Vital Statistics.

That’s a significant reduction from a few years ago. State records show that while the birth rate declined steadily between 2007 and 2011 (the most recent year with complete statistics available) for a drop of more than 5 percent, the abortion rate in Virginia fell by 18 percent during that same period.”

Women’s Safety and Health Violations

Each abortion clinic averages 10 or more deaths by abortion in a week.  Some do this in a single day.

Since regulations were implemented less than 5 years ago, Virginia Women’s Wellness clinic in Virginia Beach has been cited for multiple health violations.  According to the Virginian Pilot in 2014 the Virginia Department of Health found:

“The March inspection report said that 18 of the clinic’s 44 patients in January experienced complications. Fifteen returned to the clinic with a complaint ‘related to an incomplete termination of their pregnancy,’ the report said. Eleven chose to receive a second dosing of the medication, and four opted for a surgical procedure.”

If you care about preserving lives in America, you should take a look at this reasonable analysis of the gun control and anti-abortion control arguments, which both seem to come from a libertarian perspective on opposite  political far sides.…/gun-control-abortion-argu…/

Then check out the current death rates:

help pregnant women choose life

Resources to help women in crisis pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy

First of all, there are Virginia local pro-life organizations:

Mission: To empower families in Virginia by applying a biblical worldview and founding principles to culture and public policy.

 What We Do:  Promote the Right to Life in Virginia through education, legislation and political action.

 Life Ministries of Hampton Roads Offering help and hope at abortion clinics in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area to women in crisis pregnancies

Norfolk unplanned pregnancy help
Virginia Beach unplanned pregnancy help

Hope 4 Life VA – Also helping Moms and Families with Unplanned Pregnancies in Hampton Roads/Tidewater area including Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.

In addition, there are National organizations:

Choose Birth: A Life-Giving Alternative to Abortion. MA and nationwide unplanned pregnancy help. Help pregnant women choose birth.

Day of Mourning – February 23rd 2019 as covered by One News Now and promoted by The Activist Mommy.

Human Coalition – Rescuing Children. Serving Families.

Human Coalition is committed to an audacious mission: to transform our culture of death into a culture of life—to end abortion in America.

March for Life (Washington, D.C.) – Annual pro-life rally in Washington, D.C. in January
Take Action

Learn how you can elect prolife candidates and pass state and federal prolife

Save the Storks – Mobile ultrasound vans: Help save lives today by partnering with Save the Storks and local pregnancy resource centers

Also there are Awareness focused organizations:

After Abortion .org Find out about the real consequences of human abortion on women and society.

Life News
Pro-life news media outlet covering abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and stem cell research.

As national polls have confirmed, this generation of young people is pro-life. The challenge comes in breaking through the apathy and motivating and training students to take a stand for Life.
 In 2009, The Radiance Foundation was born out of a passion to illuminate hope-inducing, life-transforming truths. Ryan and Bethany Bomberger created this 501c3 educational, faith-based, life-affirming organization to help people understand and embrace their God-given Purpose.

There are also Action focused anti-abortion organizations:

Lila Rose is the founder and president of Live Action, a human rights, prolife organization dedicated to ending abortion
Human Life Alliance promotes awareness of the inherent dignity and personhood of human life, born and preborn, without exception or compromise. This organization proclaims and defends a culture of life and chastity through education. Human Life Alliance accomplishes its mission in a spirit of prayer and non-violence.
Leading creative prolife activism throughout the nation. Founded in 1980 with the aim of saving unborn children through non-violent direct action.

Finally there are also Black community focused pro-life organizations:

The National Black Pro-Life Coalition is a network of pro-life and pro-family organizations committed to restoring Life, Family & Hope.

We are you. Your mothers, fathers, teachers, pastors, friends, brothers, sisters. We are the ones who mourn the loss of beautiful potential. Abortion is a human tragedy no matter the race, but nowhere in America is it more prevalent than in the Black community
Raise awareness by purchasing Pro-Life clothing.
Consider purchasing pro-life books and movies.

Finally, I pray these resources help you help pregnant women with unplanned pregnancies or crisis pregnancies.

Haplous – Christian Advice Blog for women.

More family resources

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