MSGT’s Letter to his Senator on military pay raise vote

Last updated on June 25th, 2018

Wow, excellent memo…quite impressive. Any of you registered voters
in these states? These are the guys that voted against a military pay raise of 4.8%.
Read the Master Sergeant’s letter below.

— NAYs 11—
Bayh (IN) Graham (FL) Robb (VA)
Boxer (CA) Harkin (IA) Voinovich (OH)
Feingold (WI) Kohl (WI) Wellstone (MN)
Fitzgerald (IL) McCain (AZ)

(This guy is running for President)
Good response by Senior NCO on Senator’s vote against pay-raise.

—–Original Message—–
Subject: MSGT’s Letter to his Senator

Mr. Voinovich, Unless you are planning on this being your last term in the Senate, I cannot for the life of me figure out why you would attempt to undermine a much deserved although paltry 4.8 percent pay raise to military men and women that make sacrifices that you cannot even comprehend! As a registered Republican voter, born and reared in the Buckeye state, I have a few questions I would like to ask you.

1) When was the last time you spent months on end in some God-forsaken country, separated from family and friends?
2) Has your service to the nation ever required you to go beyond 100 days without a real shower?
3) Has any of your Senate duties required you to lie awake at night in a tent with a dozen other sweating Senators, gagging at the wretched smell of oil well fires, and listening to desert winds beat your tent into submission?
4) Have you ever been denied the basic freedoms most Americans take for granted?
5) Have you ever forgotten what a real cheeseburger tastes like?

You are so quick to try and squash a pay raise that would still leave a
large portion of military families below the poverty level in our nation.
Please remind me again of the last time you voted and lobbied against a pay
raise for yourself and fellow Senators? Have you ever refused a pay increase
to help balance the budget? I dare you to compare the percentage of pay
raises voted by Senators for Senators since my career began in 1981!

The AP article stated that between 8,000 and 16,000 military families are on food
stamps. Even though I believe this to be a very conservative estimate, it is
not a shame for hard working Americans to get much needed assistance. The
real shame is that thousands and thousands of military families are even eligible for food stamps, but are too proud to accept a handout! The majority of our military families require both parents to work, while the military member works an additional part-time job just to make ends meet.

I anxiously await the reunification with my family in mid March. The operations tempo and family separations are something I don’t expect you to understand without experiencing it first hand. However, with your political pull I’m sure you could arrange to return to Saudi with me this November. The rotation in November will make the third time in two years I’ve left my family to proudly support the country that I love.

Yes, Mr. Voinovich, we could spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together enjoying meals hard to identify by the appearance and taste. You could
help me write a letter to my wife on our 19th anniversary in January. Possibly
you could bring one of your speechwriters and assist me with a letter to
my twins explaining why dad had to miss yet another birthday, explaining
it’s for the good of our country.

Before we go home Valentine’s Day will roll around and by now, maybe even you will be missing your family. I could help you make that handmade card expressing your longing to be with them again. After all, I’ve had plenty of practice and I’m sure we could come up with something appropriate. Should I reserve you a cot? Tent space can be a real premium during the holidays so you may want to make your reservations early.

I’m sure I can round up an extra flak vest and helmet for you. Even better yet, you can borrow my friend Billy Marshall’s gear. He won’t be needing it; however, he would sure like to have his left hand and leg back that he lost in an explosion while deployed over here. Look on the bright side, you will get an extra $3.50 per day, while it may not be what you’re used to, it adds up after 120 days! I have a feeling that you would re-think your vote after our vacation together.

As I near the 20 year mark and become eligible for retirement, I could speak awhile on the minimum of 20 years required to receive 40-50 percent of BASE pay for retirement. But then again with a Senator’s eligibility and retirement plan you wouldn’t know where I was coming from. Its political decisions like your
recent voting record that drive me toward retirement and the pursuit of
other areas of interest.

With the thought of returning to Ohio as a civilian, there is one thing that
I will not throw the towel in on. My family and I will continue to vote our
beliefs and convictions for the direction of our country.

Mr. Voinovich, you obviously have lost touch with your constituents and have
decided to throw in the political towel yourself. I have stood on the simple
leadership philosophy, “A LEADER KNOWS THE WAY, GOES THE WAY, AND SHOWS THE WAY!” You obviously do not know the way since you’ve never been there yourself. I do not see you volunteering to go any time soon, and you will never show the way to deficit reduction when voting down a deserving military raise and heaping bountiful blessings upon yourself.


In closing I invite those of you with family and friends serving in the
military to remember the eight Senators voting NO. Remember them when our
brave men and women celebrate holidays away from their loved ones. Remember our Senators when you hear of the growing peacekeeping missions springing up around the world. But above all else, remember our Senators when you go to the polls and vote!

Proud to Serve,
MSgt Rocky Dunlap Chief, EOD
(Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight)
Eskan Village, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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