How you can help save lives

Last updated on June 20th, 2021

Will you help save lives or will you ignore the unnecessary premature death of hundreds of children near you and millions of children in your country? Will you help prevent the number one cause of death in the United States of America? In your city or county or a nearby one, 5 sometimes 6 days a week, people are slaughtering children for profit. Racist organizations like Planned Parenthood and other organizations deny the right to life of the unborn and kill children in the womb by means of surgical or chemical abortion. Will do you do something to help rescue the lives of women with children considering having an abortion? If you are willing, here are some simple and not so simple things you can do to save lives.

help save lives - Children are a gift from God - be pro-life


First, the simplest and fastest thing you can do now and repeatedly is pray for these women in difficult circumstances. Pray for the workers in the clinics that they turn away from the sin of murder and seek forgiveness from God. Pray for the fathers that they would take responsibility for their children and encourage and support the mother in either raising the child or working to get the child in foster care or adopted. Pray for charities to reach out to these women and children to offer help. Pray that more people would support charities like this. Pray more people help in stopping the slaughter of abortion. Pray for those that have abused these women that they repent and turn to God or receive the justice they deserve.


Second, give to pro-life charities that support women that choose life like pregnancy care centers and those that reach out to these women to offer help at the clinics.


Also volunteer your time and energy to offer help to women in crisis pregnancies. Help out at a women’s shelter or pregnancy support center or offer hope and support outside of abortion clinics.

Talk about abortion!

Next learn about the horrors of abortion and the good things pro-life organizations do and talk about it with family and friends. Offer sympathy and comfort to those that have suffered from abortion. Encourage those considering abortion to choose better options and find resources to help. Talk about the importance of taking action to help save lives.

Peaceful Protest!

When they happen, participate in protest rallies like The March For Life or 40 Days For Life and encourage others to participate in pro-life demonstrations and protests. One not happening near you anytime soon? Reach out to others to prepare for the next one.

Petition Government

Petition city or county government to end the practice of elective abortion. Encourage religious and political organizations to join together to recognize the science of biology that human life begins at conception. The Declaration of Independence declared there is a a God-given right to life. The Bill of Rights set of amendments to the U.S. Constitution declares that a life should not be taken without due process. the fifth and fourteenth amendments describe legal protections. We should demand our city government protect these innocent children from death unless it is likely the mother would die if the pregnancy were to continue until the child could be viably delivered or extracted by C-section.

How long will it take to limit abortion to only when medically necessary to save the life of the mother? How much longer will it take if you do nothing about it? How much sooner could it happen if you do take efforts to help?

How will you help?

Whom will you encourage?

Where will you share this message?

Please do not ignore the suffering women and children. Please do something to help!

Finally, I pray those that reads these words help save lives through their efforts.

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