NJ Traffic Land

Last updated on February 18th, 2018

Subject: NJ Traffic Land

of course, to the tune of “walking in a winter wonderland”

Driver’s swear ….. are you listenin’,
At the Mall …..folks are bitchin’,
A miserable sight ….. they’re sorry tonite,
Drivin’ in New Jersey’s Traffic Land!

Gone away …… are your tires,
meter has …… just expired,
They towed you away, while you shopped today,
Parkin’ in New Jersey’s Traffic Land!

On the Parkway we will have a breakdown,
We’ll be stuck and threatened on the side,
If we’re lucky, muggers might come ‘n mug us,
And if we plead they may give us a ride!

Santa’s sleigh ….. was impounded,
All the Elves …… were surrounded,
He’s now in a cell …. for ringin’ his bell,
Living in New Jersey’s Traffic Land!

I hope your traffic goes better and you enjoyed this little NJ Traffic Land song I got in an email once, but do not know the source.

NJ Traffic Land

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