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Illegal immigration justice with compassion

Last updated on November 17th, 2019

With the retirement of the Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy people are expressing hopes and fears. Complaints and concerns are expressed in the media, by politicians, and on the Internet. Recently, there was the stir about the handling of justice with illegal immigrants crossing the border with children.

Democratic Party Failures

The Senate Democratic Party leadership has hindered the cause of justice in our society by delaying the filling of judicial positions by qualified people nominated by President Donald Trump.  This is a big factor in causing backlogs of court cases. This is also a factor in why it takes a while to process illegal immigrants with children. Another part of the problem is the laws passed under President Clinton with support of Democratic legislators requiring certain procedures in processing illegal immigrants that caused the separation of children from adults with the intent of protecting the children.  Since the Obama administration applied a catch and release philosophy and declined to uphold the law and prosecute illegal alien adults with children, they incentivized illegal aliens to bring children with them and put them in harms way.

Restoring Law and Order with Compassion

When the Trump administration began upholding the laws and dis-incentivized illegal immigration with children, the Democrats got all in an uproar over upholding the laws they passed.  The intent of the Trump administration of was to protect the children, not harm them. In accordance with the law, they separated children from the law breaking adults that brought them into the country illegally.  While they could have handled the public relations better, they were within their legal rights and had honorable intentions in protecting the children with compassion.

Concerned about children brought illegally into the USA? Check out this reasonable analysis on solutions from National Review and contrast it with Jesse Watter’s review of the disingenuous comments of Democrat Party leaders that caused the problem and refuse to fix it.

It would also be good for you to review Charles Krauthammer’s solution for the country’s immigration woes.

The government is in place to uphold the laws. The church is in place to offer compassion to those who are suffering.  Christians should respect constitutional laws. Also they should work with charities to care for the unfortunate. Finally, the should work peaceable to change laws that are not helpful to our society.

We need more conservative senators to move forward at a national level with policies with proven success in conservative states. I pray you vote Republican and encourage others to do so.


In July of 2019,  there has been some recent positive movement in improving immigration laws from the President as mentioned in this U.S. News & World Report article.

Unfortunately for law abiding citizens, the Democratic members of Congress are blocking sensible reforms as mentioned in the NY Post.

Urge your members of Congress to support Senator Rand Paul’s immigration reform bill “Backlog Elimination, Legal Immigration, and Employment Visa Enhancement (BELIEVE) Act” (S. 2091) discussed in this CATO article.

Also please urge your representatives to pass legislation to require migrants requesting asylum to present themselves to a U.S. government office.  That could include a point of entry or U.S Embassy or Consulate. They must request asylum in the first safe county they pass through or the last one before the USA.  Anyone entering the USA illegally would then be processed as criminals and deported or jailed as appropriate.  Then the numbers of illegal border crossings would drop dramatically.  Also this would help address the humanitarian crisis generated by the flood of illegal border crossings.  The reform legislation should also allow the Border Patrol Agents to detain adults with children longer. Particularly if there is difficulty determining if they are related, perhaps up to 120 days or more.

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government stewardship - Illegal immigration justice with compassion

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