Search Engines and webmaster and hosting help

If you want to publicize your web page go to….

SelfPromotion (my favorite)

Launch It Submit It scrub the web ADD ME

For more sites check out Yahoo-Free Web Promotion

For Internet Search Engines check out:
Cybersalt Search powered by Google (Favorite)

Duck Duck Go (privacy sensitive, does not track your search form submissions)

Excite Lycos Starting Point Altavista Fast / all the web

For Internet Directories check out:
GoodSearch Powered by Yahoo – donates pennies to your choice of charity when you register when doing searches

Yahoo Open Directory Project the yellow pages less clicks Zeal is a community-driven directory that allows enthusiasts from around the world to contribute sites, manage categories, and collaborate with a team of professional Editors to build a superior directory. Zeal is a part of LookSmart, the global leader in Web directories.
Metacrawler (my favorite) A meta search engine which utilizes multiple search engines and directories and returns a composite list of sites.
Another METASearch Engine:

Use one of these topic specific search engines for    LAW    MEDICINE    REAL ESTATE    Home Inspectors
Good search engine for NT stuff
Link Booster a Free for All Links page

If your looking for an Internet Service Provider in NJ check out ETI LLC

Looking for good web hosting? Consider these:
Web Hosting Hub for shared server hosting
InMotion Hosting for Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated server hosting

Webmaster links:

internet day daily webmaster tips

Iconographics(cool graphics for web pages)….Cool background pictures
Barry’s Clip Art
For a comprehensive list of Clipart sites visit or
gif optimizer Make your web site faster Optimize your gifs.
Create a favorites icon for your website at If you bookmark this page, you can see theicon I created – it was real easy.

Validate your website’s HTML code Site Inspectoror
link guard check for broken links on your entire site.
Web Page Coding techniques for improving Search engine listing
hot scripts
visibone colorlab a good book for Tech Managers

Web Promotion:
Free Web Site Promotion Advice
Wizard of Ads

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