2020 Virginia Beach Conservatives 2019

2019 Virginia Beach Conservative Candidates

Last updated on February 9th, 2020

I was not able to find another easy listing of 2019 Virginia Beach conservative candidates running for office. Therefore, I decided to collect a list on this page.  According to their bylaws, the Republican Party of Virginia Beach cannot fund advertising for candidates for non-partisan races.  In contrast, I am happy to devote some of my resources to do so.

By conservative I mean those who wish to conserve what is good and limit the size of government to the essentials. Also those who consider themselves Republican or Libertarian.  Furthermore, this would exclude those who consider themselves liberal or progressive. For a deeper understanding of the differences, check out “The Great Divide: Why liberals and conservatives will never, ever agree” by William D. Gairdener.

“19 Don’t turn away God’s Spirit 20 or ignore prophecies. 21 Put everything to the test. Accept what is good 22 and don’t have anything to do with evil.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 (CEV)

(PDF) for printing and taking to the polling stations.

2019 Virginia Beach conservative candidates for
city office

City Council of Virginia Beach

Councilman Michael Berlucchi – Rose Hall District (Facebook)

Richard “RK” Kowalewitch for VB City Council, Beach District (Facebook)

Rosemary Wilson for VB City Council, Beach District (Facebook)

Clerk of Court

Tina Sinnen – Clerk of Court candidate.

Treasurer of Virginia Beach

Leigh Henderson For Treasurer of Virginia Beach. (Facebook)

Also check out this article about the Virginia Beach city treasurer race in the Princess Anne Independent News.

Virginia Beach School Board

Robert K. Dean – Rose Hall District special election (Facebook)
Stephen Johnson – Rose Hall District special election (Facebook)

Current Virginia Beach Republican Virginia Assembly representatives

Delegate Barry Knight – 81st House District. (Facebook)

Delegate Jason S. Miyares – 82nd House District

Delegate Chris Stolle – 83rd House District. (Facebook)

Delegate Glenn Davis – 84th House District. (Facebook)

2019 Virginia Beach conservative senate candidates

Virginia Senate conservative Virginia Beach candidates

Jen Kiggans – 7th District Virginia Senate candidate. (Facebook)

Senator Bill DeSteph – 8th District Virginia Senate conservative candidate. (Facebook)

2019 Virginia Beach conservative delegate candidates

Shannon Kane is running for Delegate in the 21st House District (Facebook)

Rocky Holcomb is running for Delegate in the 85th House District. (Facebook)

Also check out The Virginian-Pilot article discussing their Virginia Senate primary race. Then check out their comments on gun control in light of the recent shooting violence in Virginia Beach.

Also check out my thoughts on gun violence.

Soil and Water Conservation District Director

There are 2 at-large spots open.

Leslie Jones is a current conservative director. (Facebook)

Here are two that seem conservative and qualified.

John Dickie – best connected with community relations

Bill Fleming – best education qualified candidate

Read more about them at the Princess Anne Independent News.

Other Conservative Candidates in Virginia

Colleen Holcomb For Delegate in Virginia’s 91st district in Hampton

Additional resources for Virginia Beach Conservatives

My page on Government Stewardship.

Voter issues that can help Republicans win.

Also you may want to check out some Republican groups on Facebook. Virginia Beach Young Republicans
Virginia Beach Republicans

Also you may want to help with the RPV Second Congressional District Committee.

Please check out the Family Foundation of Virginia.

(PDF) for printing and taking to the polling stations.

See also the official 2019 Virginia Beach elections 2019 Candidate listing (PDF)

Finally, please let me know of any other conservatives in Virginia Beach running for election in 2019. I hope this list helps you elect Libertarian and Republican candidates for Virginia Beach Clerk of Court, Treasurer, and other local and state offices.

This collection has not been paid for or put together by any candidate or campaign.

2019 Virginia Beach Conservative

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