Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 2019 Weekend – Promoting rights

Last updated on November 17th, 2019

Mourning the loss of life

At the start of the weekend, millions of Americans mourned the loss of more than 60 million babies through abortion in America. Tens of thousands participated in the March for Life. I am grateful for the progress made under President Trump in reducing government funding of abortion. Also I pray more progress will be made in restoring the right to life in my lifetime.

Protesting the protection of life

Today, thousands gathered in Washington D.C. to protest against President Trump and promote immoral sexual choices including using abortion to kill children in the womb. Also Planned Parenthood and associated organizations want to prevent children from receiving their God-given right to life outside the womb.

Remembering a life of service

On Monday, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was an ordained Christian minister. It is sad the Washington memorial to him left out the importance of his faith in Jesus Christ as the inspiration and source of his work. He promoted peaceful protests to achieve equal rights before the law for non-white people. Also his desire was that we would judge people not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character. I am sure he would condemn the murder of children through abortion and sexual immorality promoted by liberal politicians and activists. His niece, Alveda King, continues the fight for civil rights by working to restore the right to life.

Protecting the right to life

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” Proverbs 31:8

This month the Democratic lead House of Representatives passed a bill that would require the federal government to fund abortion overseas. Also the Republican lead Senate failed to pass a bill that would prohibit the federal government from funding abortion. This would make the Hyde Amendment permanent. Both bills had narrow margins. Please contact your representatives to let them know you do not want your taxes to pay for the killing of children in the womb through abortion.

U.S. Senate …..U.S. House of Representatives

Finally, check out these Pro-Life resources.

Martin Luther King Jr. 2019 for the love of Christ

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