Ed Paul’s IIS VBscripts Page

Last updated on January 2nd, 2019

Ed Paul’s IIS VBscripts Page

Ed Paul’s IIS VBscripts Page

This page has information on the vbscripts that I have modified.These scripts can be used to setup web and ftp sites in Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).
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History of Changes

These modified scripts are no longer publicly available.

Add an FTP site to IIS4 using VBscriptby Michael Pye

The proper usage is:
c:winntsystem32cscript.exe c:winntsystem32inetsrvadminsamplesaddftp.vbs -i IPaddress -r folderlocation -t ftp.domain.com -a username

Add a Web site to IIS4 using VBscript modified by Ed Paul.
This script does all the standard setup for a website including setting the default documents and setting the Default Application.
The proper usage is:
c:winntsystem32cscript.exe c:winntsystem32inetsrvadminsamplesmkw3site.vbs -r folderlocation -t domain.com -i IPaddress

Additional information can be seen on Microsoft’s website atIntroduction to the IIS Metabase

Send form contents via email without FrontPage on IIS webservers for FREE withAspEmail and AspFormMail(my own modification)

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