Useful utilities NT admins can use every day

Last updated on February 5th, 2018

Useful utilities NT admins can use every day

Useful utilities NT admins can use every day

(taken from TechRepublic)

I would also include something, such as CheckIT, that you can use to check computer hardware (memory, cpu, hard drives, motherboard, cache etc)

Useful utilities NT admins can use every day
Aug 3, 1999
David Parkinson, MCSE CNA
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Every system administrator has favorite utilities. You know, the ones you never leave home without. Below are three recent utility acquisitions that have met my needs at the right place at the right time.

Microsoft has released InUse to enable the replacement of a file that is currently in use by the operating system. Normally a Service Pack or an application’s set-up program does this, but there may be times when you need to replace a single file on the fly.

This command-line program supports batch files by including a /y parameter that allows the replacement confirmation to be switched off.

InUse.exe is available from Microsoft.

Imagine you have a mass of printer ports set up on a Windows NT-based print server. Now imagine that it crashes irrevocably and must be rebuilt without a restore being possible, or you have to duplicate the ports on another server.

Printmig is a graphical tool that allows you to backup the print set-up of one server into a .cab file and then restore it on another target server. This is a much more convenient and accurate restoration method than recreating each port by hand or wandering around the registry.

Printmig.exe is available on the latest Windows NT Resource Kit Supplement.

If you’ve ever needed to quickly collect information about the contents of your Windows NT Domain without resorting to complex batch files or scripting languages, you may want to look at this utility.

A command-line program using a highly configurable .ini file, Exporter will report on Users, Services, Groups, Group Members, Printers, Computers, and Disk Space information across a domain. You can even tell it whether to include or exclude workstations in the report. The level of information you want to receive from the utility is also configurable, and data is easily imported into a spreadsheet or database.

Exporter.exe is available from Adkins Resource, Inc.
David Parkinson writes on all things NT from his leafy village in northern England.

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