Huckabee December 2020 Notes

Good authors and their books, musicians, politicians, charitable leaders, and entertainers seen on TBN on Huckabee in December 2020.

Guests on Huckabee December 5, 2020

Conviction Machine: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse” by Sidney Powell

“Awake & Alive to Truth” by John Cooper a member of the Christian rock band Skillet

For Investment options that seek to honor God by excluding companies that clearly reject biblical principles check out Timothy Plan.

Learn more about financial matters from a Christian perspective, check out Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries.

Chonda Pierce – The most awarded female comedian.

Another amazing singing group, Point Of Grace.

Guests on Huckabee December 12, 2020

Facing Fear: Step Out In Faith And Rise Above What’s Holding You Back” by Nik Wallenda – World Record Tightrope Artist

Rob – the inventor of the fun party game Spontuneous – the Song Game.

Huck’s Hero – William Cabaniss founder of the non-profit Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow “Every Bottle Helps Fight Hunger”

Chris Christian author of “A Grandmother’s Prayer: Moments In A Music Life.” Find more about his music at Chris Christian Music.

Guests on Huckabee December 19, 2020

First autobiography “GreenLights” by Matthew McConaughey

Mat Franco – Las Vegas Headline Magician

Turn Your Season Around: How God Transforms Your Life” by Darryl Strawberry. Learn more about his ministry at Strawberry Ministries.

More from Mike Huckabee with his podcast on Quake Media

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