Huckabee January 2021 Notes

Good authors and their books, musicians, politicians, charitable leaders, and entertainers seen on TBN on Huckabee in January 2021.

Guests on Huckabee January 2, 2021

Author of “A Greater Story: My Rescue, Your Purpose, and Our Place in God’s Plan” Sam Collier – pastor

Comedian William Lee Martin

Cowboys Who Care Foundation gives away Cowboy hats to kids with cancer

Huck’s Hero: Holly Christine Hayes, founder of Sanctuary Project (501c3).  A jewelry Economic Enterprise to help provide sanctuary for women survivors of violence, human trafficking, and addiction.

Featured musical guest: Country Music artist Riley Green

Guests on Huckabee January 9, 2021

Former Congressman Rep Doug Collins for Georgia

Miss Unlikely: From Farm Girl to Miss America” by 2016 Miss America, Betty Maxwell

Magician Xavier Mortimer

Waffle House President – Walt Ehmer

Guests on Huckabee January 16, 2021

Alan Dershowitz

Brandon Straka  – #WALKAWAY Campaign Founder – Suddenly banned from Facebook, email, and advertising the week after January 6th

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, actor in 70 movies/TV shows –  Frank Stallone documentary “Stallone … Frank that is”

I Found Love: True Stories of Discovering Love, Belonging, and Friendship” By Doug Bender a big contributor to “I am Second

Featured musical guest: Don McLean – Singer/Songwriter of the award winning iconic song “American Pie” in 1971

Guests on Huckabee January 23, 2021

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D) Hawaii about to launch a podcast

Rudy Giuliani (Rudy’s Common Sense )

John Schneider producer and star of “Smokey and the Bandit” tribute movie “Stand On It” available on CineFlix.

Enter Wild: Exchange a Mild and Mundane Faith For Life With an Uncontainable God” by Carlos Whittaker – Bestselling author of “Kill the Spider.”

Featured musical guest: Tim Atwood – Country Music Singer wore a bracelet remembering CPT William Grimm who died serving in the U.S. Air Force during the Gulf War in 1991.

Guests on Huckabee January 30, 2021

First guest, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R) Long Island, NY

Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember” by Tim Tebow – founder of Tim Tebow Foundation.

Adulting for Jesus: A Book About Purpose, Trusting God, & (Obviously) Burritos” by Comedian Kristin Weber

Huck’s Hero: Army Combat Veteran Colin Wayne, founder of Redline Steel company

Featured musical guest: Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Richie Furay

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