2020 Virginia Beach Republican Candidates

The Republican Party may not perfect, but the Party Platform includes a push to restore the right to life.  There are voter issues we should discuss and encourage others to consider from a Christian perspective.  Take time to talk about the election, pray for wisdom, vote, and pray for our government leaders including these 2020 Virginia Beach Republican Candidates.

The official ballot does not mention party affiliation for local offices, so I figured I would make an easy list available for those interested.

City Council Republican Candidates

Rosemary Wilson for the At-Large seat

Eric Wray for Centerville District (Facebook)

Jessica Abbott for Kempsville District

Michael Berlucchi for Rose Hall District

2020 Virginia Beach Republican Mayoral Candidate

Bob Dyer (Incumbent)

2020 Virginia Beach School Board Republican Candidates

Victoria Manning – At Large Candidate (Incumbent)

Luis Cortes III – Centerville District

Jennifer Franklin – Kempsville District

Joanna Moran – Rose Hall District

These candidates want to put Virginia Beach Students First.

Additional resources for Virginia Beach Conservatives

View a printable listing in flyer format

(if wanting to pass on to others, must be printed on paper that is not white or yellow in color)

My page on Government Stewardship.

Voter issues that can help Republicans win.

Also you may want to check out some Republican groups on Facebook.
Virginia Beach Young Republicans
Virginia Beach Republicans

You can learn more at The Princess Anne Independent News about how differently nonpartisan office elections are handled by the Democratic and Republican parties.

See also the Princess Anne Indy 2020 voting guides contrasting candidates on important questions.

This collection has not been paid for or put together by any candidate or campaign.

2020 Virginia Beach Republican Candidates school board, city council
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