2020 Virginia Beach Conservative Candidates

Last updated on September 29th, 2020

There is a Christian responsibility to vote in the Virginia Beach election 2020 for the more godly and honorable candidates for election.  The very term election originated in voting for the person that is more devout to the Christian faith and more likely to be part of the elect of God, those who have been reborn in Christ.  Some of them are swayed by the liberal media and false advertising. I pray you will choose to be part of the group to vote for these 2020 Virginia Beach Conservative Candidates.

Additionally, those mature in the Christian faith, Barna Research categorizes as evangelical.  They have a commitment to living their lives on biblical principles and standards.  Also they demonstrate a devotion to God that includes showing God’s love by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They tend to educate themselves on the candidate’s positions in light of biblical truth and standards.

Vote in the Virginia Beach election 2020 from a biblical and Christian perspective

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Some churches make efforts to avoid talking about politics. Others encourage voter registration drives.  Even further, some distribute voter guides or even talk about biblical values in the pulpit.  If our government is to become more civil and fiscally conservative, more Christians need to encourage others to vote with biblical convictions. We need to encourage one another to vote smart. We need to be better stewards of government.

The Republican Party may not perfect, but the Party Platform includes a push to restore the right to life.  There are voter issues we should discuss and encourage others to consider from a Christian perspective.  Take time to talk about the election, pray for wisdom, vote, and pray for our government leaders.

2020 Virginia Beach Candidates for national office

Daniel Gade for U.S. Senate

Second District U.S. Congress – Scott Taylor for House of Representatives

City Council Conservative Candidates

Rosemary Wilson for the At-Large seat

Eric Wray for Centerville District (Facebook)

Jessica Abbott for Kempsville District

Michael Berlucchi for Rose Hall District

2020 Virginia Beach Conservative Mayoral Candidates

Bob Dyer (Incumbent)

Richard Kowalewitch (R.K.)

2020 Virginia Beach School Board Conservative Candidates

Victoria Manning – At Large Candidate (Incumbent)

Luis Cortes III – Centerville District

Jennifer Franklin – Kempsville District

Joanna Moran – Rose Hall District

These candidates want to put Virginia Beach Students First.

Last and certainly not least:

President Donald J. Trump for re-election with Vice-President Mike Pence

Additional resources for Virginia Beach Conservatives

My page on Government Stewardship.

Voter issues that can help Republicans win.

Also you may want to check out some Republican groups on Facebook. Virginia Beach Young Republicans
Virginia Beach Republicans

Please check out the Family Foundation of Virginia.

You can learn more at The Princess Anne Independent News about how differently nonpartisan office elections are handled by the Democratic and Republican parties.

According to the Virginia Public Access Project, it looks like Eric Wray will have the toughest race.

Finally, please let me know of any other conservatives in Virginia Beach running for election in 2020. I hope this list helps you elect Libertarian and Republican candidates for Virginia Beach city offices, and other local and state offices.

This collection has not been paid for or put together by any candidate or campaign.

2020 Virginia Beach Conservative Candidates school board, city council

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