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This past week was the Republican National Convention where President Donald Trump accepted the nomination of the party to run for re-election in November. The Republican convention highlighted the dangers of government overreach by Democrat leaders and public manipulation by the liberal media. It also highlighted the success of the Trump administration to improve the economy, the military, and criminal justice. Also Trump improved judicial appointments, and the rights of the people including the unborn. It highlighted effectiveness over party politics.

There was a stark contrast with the Democratic National Convention where they made repeated Ad Hominem attacks on the President. The Democratic Party politicians promoted tax increases, huge deficit spending, larger government control, reduced freedoms, restricting rights, and the expanded killing of the unborn. They promote sexual immorality and privilege instead of protecting the rights of freedom of religion, free press, and free speech.

Huckabee on TBN

This week on Huckabee on TBN, they had a number of quality guests.

Former Wisconsin Governor, by Scott Walker commented on the conventions and his last book, “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge

Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout” by Dr. Rick Rigsby Ph.D.
Afraid To Hope: Discovering the courage to dream again” by Dr. Rick Rigsby

The Three Cs that Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution” by Mike Huckabee and Steve Feazel

Also on the show was Comedian Jonnie W – Combining music, off-beat standup, and a skewed view of the world unfolding around him, Jonnie crafts a comedy experience that you and your family will be quoting

Huck’s Hero – Gil Schaenzle’s mission: running in all the national parks in honor of her daughter Anna Rose lost to cancer. She is an advocate for NET Cancer Awareness and families dealing with cancer.

Performing at the end of the show was country music singer Kelly Lang

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