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Virginia Beach Conservative Candidates 2018

Last updated on November 17th, 2019

I was not able to find another easy listing of Virginia Beach conservative candidates running for office in 2018. Therefore, I decided to collect a list on this page.  According to their bylaws, the Republican Party of Virginia Beach cannot fund advertising for candidates for non-partisan races.  In contrast, I am happy to devote some of my resources to do so. I created a Virginia Beach Conservative voter guide printable flyer in PDF format you can print out to offer to people you know in November.  The below list consists of those I have met or heard about. Not authorized by a candidate.

By conservative I mean those that wish to conserve what is good and limit the size of government to the essentials. Also those that consider themselves Republican or Libertarian.  Furthermore, this would exclude those that consider themselves liberal or progressive.

“19 Don’t turn away God’s Spirit 20 or ignore prophecies. 21 Put everything to the test. Accept what is good 22 and don’t have anything to do with evil.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 (CEV)

You may be looking for the 2019 Virginia Beach Conservative Candidates.

2018 Virginia Beach conservative City Council candidates

Virginia Beach City Council elections 2018

Bobby Dyer for Mayor

John Moss for At-Large City Council member

Brad Martin for Bayside District

Richard “RK” Kowalewitch for Beach District (Facebook)

Eric Wray for Centerville District (Facebook)

Susanne Henderson For Lynnhaven District (Facebook)

Tim Worst for Princess Anne District

Current conservative council member not running for election in 2018, but campaigning for other conservatives

Jessica Abbott representing Kempsville District (Facebook)

2018 Virginia Beach conservative School Board candidates

Virginia Beach School Board elections 2018

Bobby Melatti for At-Large School Board member (Robert Melatti)

Laura King Hughes for At-Large School Board (Facebook)

Stephen Johnston for At-Large School Board (Facebook) from Rose Hall area

Carolyn D. Weems for Bayside District School Board (Facebook)

Kendra Edwards for Beach District School Board (Facebook)

Mary Watson Wales for Lynnhaven District School Board

Paul F Day for Princess Anne District School Board

Also these resources may help you further:

School Board Voter Guide from the Virginia Pilot – just asks about the top issue facing schools

2018 Virginia Beach Elections: Questions for candidates for School Board, Princess Anne District by Independent News

2018 Listing of School Board candidates and brief introduction from The Virginia Pilot

Virginia Beach Republican Candidate for State Offices

Jason S. Miyares for Virginia Assembly Delegate

Virginia Republicans running for National Offices

Second District U.S. Congress – Scott Taylor for House of Representatives

Voter Guide issue stances from Faith and Freedom Coalition:

Issue Scott Taylor Stance
Abortion On Demand Opposes
Trump Tax Cuts Supports
Defund Planned Parenthood Supports
Obamacare Opposes
Sanctuary Cities Opposes
Freedom of Speech for Churches Supports
$2000 Child Tax Credit Supports

Corey Stewart for U.S. Senator from Virginia

Additional resources for Virginia Beach Conservatives

My page on Government Stewardship

Voter issues that can help Republicans win in 2018

Also you may want to check out some Republican groups on Facebook like: Virginia Beach Young Republicans
Virginia Beach Republicans

Family Foundation of Virginia

Finally, please let me know of any other conservatives in Virginia Beach running for election in 2018. I hope this list helps you elect Libertarian and Republican candidates for Virginia Beach City Council, School Board, and state and federal offices.

Virginia Beach conservative candidates for City Council, School Board 2018 Virginia Beach Republican candidates

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